Complete Digital Assistance


Does your business need help? Let Wax do the work.

Wordpress Management


First of all, we’ll assist with installations to get your website going. Then you blog, update calendars, images, products, flyers, blah blah blah! There is a ton to do and it’s basically a full-time job. Not with Wax. We’ll handle your unlimited updates as well.

The Perfect Image


Website speeds are important so getting the proper image format is essential. We will edit, resize and load images to your site as needed. This process will eliminate the hassle of load speeds on the consumers end and create an image that fits your theme and style.



We are a remote company providing remote services for a huge array of businesses. Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Pubs, Breweries, Construction Companies, Blogs, Influencers etc. We can provide on site photography, video, drone images & video, photo and video editing, logo design, wordpress content updates and more!

Social Media Management


Take your Social Media presence to another level. Daily posts, geotagging, hashtags, and targeted audiences can put your social media on track for growth. Put the phone down and let us help you get there.

Domain Management


We’ll spend the time a research the best domain names for your brand or business then secure it. We maintain the domain for you so that you don’t have to worry about losing anything.



Ranking on the top search engines is an ongoing task. Wax will assist you with that daunting process. We will work daily to help get your business ranked among the top searches using. Keyword research and consistent attention will get you there.

Monthly Mastermind

Meet my friend and mentor, Lewis. He is the creator of the Monthly Mastermind. A private group of over 700+ masters from 58 countries. Network with millionaires and mavericks on a mission empower all areas of their lives.

Each month, there’s a new theme & a new area of life to master. From starting an online business to finding your purpose, growing a personal brand, managing time, investing, stock picking, speaking & influencing, mastering relationships, and planning your life… We leave no stone unturned.